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The most important aspect of long term survival and short term goal achievement is having up to date information at your fingertips.

Too many businesses are far too late discovering a crisis is upon them. Often the information to avoid or manage the situation was too difficult to acquire, too expensive to execute or there was a lack of time involved.


We can provide monthly:

  • Profit analysis
  • Budget to actual comparisons
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Cash flow projections

Financial Analysis
By using the diagnostic software linked to the accounting system innumerable "what if" questions can be answered. For example: if debtors payments can be improved by, on average one week, how will our cash flow position change? If our customer base increased by X how much more working capital will be needed to eliminate a potential cash flow crisis?

Alternatively, set financial targets and this advanced modeling program lets you examine alternatives to achieve this goal. More importantly it alerts you to unexpected consequences in other financial areas of your business.

The information can be presented in a number of formats for ease of understanding and all scenarios can be compiled in the form of a Cash Flow Analysis Statement. This is useful for financial institutions in assessing the performance of the business.

This information allows an accurately prepared financial plan to be produced with regular monthly feedback allowing immediate remedial action to be implemented if needed.

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