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Q. Why should we use your services rather than those of another company?

Often the providers of financial services have not had practical experience in managing a small business. We have been operating a small business for over 50 years in an extremely competitive industry, where margins are small and many competitors have left the industry due to financial collapse.

We understand the financial pressures that small business faces and the need for timely, accurate information at an affordable price. We have "hands on" experience as well as the accounting and financial expertise to provide you with this information.

We offer personalized service allowing us to enter into a close business relationship enabling you to obtain the maximum benefit from the information we provide.

Q. I am concerned with the security of my information, especially with regard to computer failures. What procedures do you have in place to guarantee the integrity of my information?
A. By having at least four independent computer systems at two locations, and daily backups kept at both sites you can be assured of the very highest level of security for your valuable data. As well all systems are password protected and one system at each site is internet isolated to prevent any possibility of virus attack. In the event of total computer failure or even premises destruction your data can be restored and running in less than an hour. I would be happy to demonstrate this procedure to you at your convenience.
Q. Small business has limited resources. How can I afford your services?

Overheads usually contribute a large proportion to the cost structure of similar organizations, forcing fees beyond the means of most small business. This prevents them from utilizing valuable resources that larger organizations have at their disposal. We recognize this and are determined to contain the fees at an affordable level to allow small business similar advantages.

We are able to achieve this because, as we have a successful business operating, the entire infrastructure of premises, hardware, software and trained staff is already in place. We can therefore substantially reduce the proportion of applicable overheads.

Q. What are the advantages for me by utilizing your services rather than setting up my own system?

For the average small business I can show it is more cost effective not to mention far less worry to use our services.

The disadvantages of setting up your own system are:

  • Underutilisation of the invested resources. You may use your accounting software less than one day per week.
  • Training an appropriately skilled staff member who is prepared to work a limited number of hours and then perhaps having to repeat the process if they should leave.
  • Lack of expertise in accounting and financial management.

The advantages that we can offer you include:

  • You only pay for the exact time required to maintain your financial accounts.
  • You have access to more powerful accounting software.
  • Your capital and time can be employed in growing your business.
  • You have access to other services including financial modeling, budgets and cash flow analysis.
Q. What can I expect to pay for having my finances cared for?

It varies. We are dedicated to helping small business succeed with the specialised services we offer. We tailor packages to suit your needs and budget. Fee can commence from as little as $200 per month.

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